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London & Mead handles a broad range of litigation. Our civil practice focuses on complex commercial litigation and involves securities law, intellectual property, the False Claims Act, breach of contract, real estate, antitrust, health care billing, partnership disputes and breakups, and employment. We have tried cases in federal courts, state courts, and in arbitrations throughout the United States: patent cases in Los Angeles and in Connecticut, a False Claims Act case in Oklahoma, breach of contract disputes in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and countless other proceedings. We have secured successful resolutions prior to trial in an architectural copyright case in Virginia, a legal malpractice case in the District of Columbia, insurance disputes, tort cases, and virtually every type of commercial litigation. We have also secured outstanding outcomes in arbitrations involving issues ranging from breach of contract and wrongful termination to a successful $12 million indemnification claim by an executive against his former employer for attorneys’ fees incurred in an investigation.

In False Claims Act cases, London & Mead has won multiple judgments of more than $100 million. London & Mead represented the primary relator in claims involving systematic overbilling on software products sold by Oracle Corp. to federal government agencies, resulting in a settlement for $199,500,000—the largest False Claims Act settlement ever negotiated in a case involving fraud against the General Services Administration. We represented the primary relator in claims involving Medicare and Medicaid overbilling by Omnicare Inc., which were settled for $112,000,000. And we represented the sole relator in claims involving violations by Oracle Corp. and PeopleSoft, Inc. of disclosure obligations in GSA schedule contract, which resulted in a settlement of $98,500,000. We represent relators in several significant, unsealed False Claims Act that are pending in the federal courts.

Our work in the white collar criminal defense area focuses on allegations of health care fraud, criminal FDA regulatory violations, securities, wire and mail fraud, public corruption, antitrust and cartel cases, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, false statements to government agencies, and conflict of interest. London & Mead has secured complete acquittals in federal criminal jury trials and obtained other successful resolutions, ranging from dismissal of charges to deferred prosecution agreements to probationary sentences. We vigorously represent the targets and subjects of criminal investigations and have a strong track record of persuading prosecutors not to bring unwarranted criminal charges against our clients. We also represent witnesses in a variety of investigations, helping them through the challenges of responding to document subpoenas, being interviewed by prosecutors and agents, appearing before grand juries, and testifying at trials, while also working to protect their jobs and their families from the unexpected consequences of being involved in an investigation.

At London & Mead, we know that a jury’s verdict or a judge’s ruling does not mean a case is over. We preserve appellate issues and prepare for a potential appeal from the moment a case is filed. If an appeal is required, we have decades of experience research and writing briefs, presenting oral arguments, and winning appeals in federal and state appellate courts.